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beshare_info x86_64
BeShare:Info attribute editor

An app to edit the BeShare:Info attribute for BeShare version 3.0+.
Packaged by: Jim Saxton black.belt.jimmy@gmail.com
copyright© 2015 2016 Jim Saxton, Fat Elk Software

beshare 3.04-1 x86_64
File Sharing and Chatting

BeShare is a BeOS/Haiku-native file sharing program. It operates similarly to other such programs (Napster, Hotline, etc) but with a few advantages:

BeShare allows you to upload or download any type of file, not just mp3. When browsing files, you can see their attributes (similar to Be's Tracker view) Your query is always "live", so if new files that match your query become available, you will see them added to the results list right away (you won't have to click refresh or anything first)

BeShare includes a rudimentary chat mechanism for you social types.

BeShare supports any number of simultaneous uploads and downloads in parallel, but will serialize simultaneous file requests to any given host for efficiency.

This version supports the BeShare:Info attribute, press the "Information" button to see the info for the selected file. It's also the Universal version, using stock BeOS APIs, which works on BeOS & Haiku, PowerPC & Intel CPUs, 32 bit & 64 bit.
Packaged by: Alexander G. M. Smith agmsmith@ncf.ca
copyright© Jeremy Friesner - Extensions by Pete Go

bookmarker 1.3-1 x86_64
Bookmark maker

Bookmarker makes and stores bookmarks (system wide links to web sites) for the Haiku Operating System. Italso adds the bookmarks to the Deskbar menu.
Packaged by: Jim Saxton black.belt.jimmy@gmail.com
copyright© 2011-2015 Jim Saxton, Fat Elk Software

helpviewer x86_64
Help File Viewer

HelpViewer is an application for viewing help files that use a simple html like mark-up. Unlike html, .hlp is directed at help files not a rich web experiance.
Packaged by: Jim Saxton, bbjimmy black.belt.jimmy@gmail.com
copyright© 2017 Jim Saxton, Fat Elk Software

loopdloop 1.5.0-2 x86_64
LoopDeeLoop game for Haiku

LoopDLoop is a clone / remake of Doubleback, a game made for the Tandy color computer. Unlike the original this one uses the mouse rather than a joy-stick. It makes it an entertaining game that helps build hand-mouse-eye coordination.

Thanks to Karen Saxton and Peggy Cooper for testing and finding bugs.
Packaged by: Jim Saxton, bbjimmy black.belt.jimmy@gmail.com
copyright© 2016 - 2019 Jim Saxton, Fat Elk Softwar

vncserver vnc4_0.agms_1.34-1 x86_64
VNCServer lets you use your BeOS / Haiku computer from anywhere there is an Internet connection. You can think of it as a really long keyboard, mouse and video cable.

A VNC client (available elsewhere for Windows, Mac, Linux, others) shows you what's on the remote BeOS / Haiku computer's screen and sends keystrokes and mouse actions over the Internet. The VNCServer software running on BeOS or Haiku uses that client data to simulate button presses on a fake keyboard and movements of an imaginary mouse. In the opposite direction, VNCServer scans your screen for changes, compresses the resulting graphics data and transmits it to the client.

This is a port of VNC using RealVNC's version 4.0 final source code (which has an extremely well designed class structure, making it easy to do this port). There are lots of VNC clients out there, but I can recommend the RealVNC ones as working very well under Windows. You can get their clients, servers and source code at http://www.realvnc.com/

This build increases the screen width limit from 2K to 8K pixels.
Packaged by: Alexander G. M. Smith agmsmith@ncf.ca
copyright© BeOS / Haiku adaptation copyright (c) 2

yoshi 1.0.0-1 x86_64
Yab over the Shell Interface

Yoshi is used to allow a script to query the user for information. Yoshi displays information to the user and receives the input, then passes the information back to the script. Yoshi doesn't change your script into an interactive gui application. Each query window is closed when the information is returned and the script must open a new window to continue to interact with the user.
Packaged by: Jim Saxton black,belt.jimmy@gmail.com,
copyright© 2016 Jim Saxton, Fat Elk Software


32 bit Repository


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