Fat Elk Software

32 bit .hpkg repo

name "FatElk"
vendor "Fat Elk Software"
summary "Fat Elk x86_gcc2 package repository"
priority 2
url <http://fatelk.com/repo>
architecture x86_gcc2

To add this repo to HaikuDepot, in a Terminal type:

pkgman add-repo http://fatelk.com/repo

To remove the repo from HaikuDepot, in a Terminal type:

pkgman drop-repo FatElk

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To add an .hpkg to this repo:
upload the .hpkg to the ftp server:

Be sure that the Vendor information in the .PackageInfo file matches the repo:
vendor "Fat Elk Software"
and the .packageinfo file has a urls line. Example:
urls {
This is a manual process and may take some time before your .hpkg is added.

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